Information for Builders at Arrington Retreat Regarding Grinder Pump Inspections and Acceptance: 

Click here to download Arrington Retreat inspection/acceptance requirements

Information for Builders at The Hideaway Regarding Grinder Pump Inspections and Acceptance:

Click here to download Hideaway inspection/acceptance requirements

Additional Information and requirements for Builders at Both Arrington Retreat and The Hideaway:

Click here to download additional grinder pump installation requirements for both sites.

Specifications for E/One Grinder Pumps and Control Panels for Use at Arrington Retreat and Hideaway, click on the following:

E/One Extreme Grinder Pump Packages
Protect Plus Control Panels for E/One Grinder Pumps
Local Representative for E/One Grinder Pumps - Wascon, Inc.


Cartwright Creek, LLC

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